Saving Money by Way of Couponing


Everybody is into saving money these days, but most don’t know where to start. For seasoned professions who like to coupon and have been doing it for a while, perhaps it is time to share where the best sites are for finding coupons. The Internet is full of websites that promise they are the best, but many people have spent an evening going from site to site, frustrated that what was promised was never delivered.

According to one source, the top spot still used for coupons is in the Sunday paper, but with shows like “extreme couponer,” people are starting to use coupons more, so it is vital to know where else they can be found. Thankfully, there are a number of reputable sites where anxious consumers can find coupons on the Internet.

The oldest, and considered the best site, by some, is It has been around the longest and has a great reputation. Two more well known sources are and

Some other great sites are and However, Smart Source and Red Plum publish the coupons found in the newspaper, so they can easily be found offline as well.

Some sites do not require you to register, but others will. If they do, it is recommended that you create an email address just for the coupon sites. This way your regular email will not be overloaded with spam, and you can check the coupon email only when you need to.

There is also a Coupon Information Center,, that supplies information on fraudulent coupons — Yes, they are out there. So, if you decide to try new sites but then are not sure if it is the real thing, check the coupons on this site and you can find out. One major rule of thumb to remember is to never pay for coupons.

A fun and new way to coupon is to use a mobile app on your phone. has one called Grocery IQ, which can supply coupons that can be digitally scanned, but also provides a grocery list. There is also an app called Shopper, which will load codes right onto your store card, while Aisle411 uses geo-mapping to provide coupons as you are cruising the grocery aisles.

Using Facebook has also become popular for coupons. If you like a particular product or store, you often can receive free samples, which can include coupons, by simply ‘liking’ their page. Some pages also offer specials only found through social media.

Also, becoming aware of your favorite stores’ sale cycles can double your savings. If you know when certain products are going to be on sale, you can then use your coupon to double the savings, which makes you a savvy shopper.

The most important piece of advice when it comes to couponing is to not blow your budget. Using coupons is supposed to save money, so remember to stay within your budget and enjoy the savings you have acquired.